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Predatory pricing by local dealers in Southern California and elsewhere has resulted in a lot of ill will towards dealers taking advantage of the supply and demand for SSRs. Not knowing the car business as some of you might, I wonder if it would be good PR and good business for a dealer or dealers to advertise the fact that due to limited supply, many other dealers sell these vehicles for 5 to 10 K over MSRP but they could offer one for, say, $500 under MSRP by having interested buyers come in and enter a free drawing for the right to purchase one at that price. It would get people in the door, isn’t that what they want? Being short sighted and taking the extra money now won’t help them much in the future. Good PR can translate into good referrals and future sales and future work for the service department. In addition to the SSR, I also needed to buy a new SUV and it wasn’t going to be from one of those dealers wanting to take an extra 5 or 10 K from me.


That was my reason buying from
a small Chevy store in TX at MSRP.

Spent $80K in the past two years at
my local dealer and they wanted $3K
over sticker.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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