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Gas Struts?

Are you willing to commit to buying stronger gas struts for your cargo hatch? Post here.

reference posts:
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I think it would be a lot to ask any manufacturer to retro fit previously sold merchandise with the current upgrades ,whether it electronics , or automobiles , or any product that continues to evolve with improvments.

But that being said I would not turn done any free upgrades.
shrtdog said:
I just bought a new '04. What seems to be the problem with the struts?
You don't have em ! (gas struts to hold the hood up instead of a prop)
Don't throw that old rake handle away !
Some would like the rear cover to lift on its own when released , this would take a very strong strut and would have to be in perfect balance so you wouldn,t have to jump on it to close it again.

Most sport utilities rear gates do not lift on their own , most vehicles trunk lids do not open on their own except for some of the lighter ones.

The sturts are Gas filled and temperature changes seroiusly affects their operation as well.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts