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Problem with ssr tail gate, good thing

A short note about base level tail gate section.
This info from Ken Flecther's news letter.

During the initial production of the SSR, we have identified a condition with the base level tailgate liner, that we feel will not meet the level of expectations for the SSR customer. Therefore vehicles ordered without the option (ERK) will be built with the base plastic liner in the cargo area, but will have the carpeted tailgate liner that is part of the Cargo Compartment Trim option on the tailgate. There will not be any additional charges for vehicles changed to this condition.

As SSR anticipation and demand is high, we felt that it was more important to build your SSR with this minor deviation than to hold orders up until a final resolution was developed.

This condition is expected to be temporary, but could last until the end of this year or longer. We will revert back to the expected base condition of a plastic tailgate liner as soon as possible.

Rick Baldick
Marketing Director:cheers :D :D
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