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Thought you would like to know about our creative and fun Project SSR! We believe that the SSR is a perfect canvas for customization. Our goal: Leverage the natural, gorgeous lines of the SSR and focus improvements on the engine, suspension, exhaust, cabin electronics and wheels/tires! Project SSR will be one classy, headturning and tire smoking machine when all is said and done!

UPDATE #1: Our project has started with a stock Smokin' Asphalt/Ebony SSR purchased at Colussy Chevrolet - The Nation's Oldest Chevy Dealer. First stop: The Dyno at Xtreme Motorsportz! Results: The stock SSR managed to put down an "impressive" 221.4 rwhp and 285.1 ft#'s of torque. Definetely not tire or head turning power! This calls for the technology of choice, a highly polished ProCharger Supercharger with Intercooler! Yes, this is one of, if not the first custom application of the ProCharger Centrifugal Supercharger technology on an SSR! Second stop: Ryan Automotive GoodYear! Where tire and wheel magic is commonplace! Techonology of choice here is: come back for detail in next PROJECT SSR UPDATE!

CURRENT STATUS: Project SSR is "under the knife" and work is underway. Folks, it really looks great!! Even in pieces :eek

If you are in the Pittsburgh, PA area...come on down to see the PROJECT SSR on display (yes, in mid project form) at the Giant All Chevy Car Show at Colussy Chevrolet in Bridgeville, Pa on Sunday 7/25, 10-4pm!

PROJECT SSR would not be possible without the vision, support, sponsorship and professional skills of:
Xtreme Motorsportz at
Colussy Chevrolet at
Ryan Automotive at

Come back to the site soon for our upcoming PROJECT SSR Update #2 with more project detail and photos of work in progress!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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