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To All of the SSRFanatic Family,
Hoping that each of You and Your Families are holding up well in these stressful times. Lots of Cities and States are under mandatory Shelter In Place Orders to protect each of Us. Health Care Workers are being over extended, trying to keep up with everyones' concerns and ailments. First Responders are being exposed to persons when responding to calls for assistance. Individuals are being stressed out by constant bombardment from the Media and Yes, irritated at watching Our elected Leaders quibble over legislation meant to ease the burden of Our Citizens. Wondering how in these times, Our, supposed Leaders, can attempt to slip in non-related items in legislation that seemingly benefit only themselves? I don't wish this post to be Political in nature, but I for one am getting even more disappointed in a certain Group in Washington, D.C.
Please remain safe, follow safety guidelines and common sense. Remember there are others that have needs in Your communities as well as Yourself. Do Not Hoard items that can be used by others, only take what is necessary for Your household and Pray ....Yes Pray that this Trial in all of Our lives is brought to a safe end soon. Keep the Perma-Grin showing on Our faces as a Smile tends to make others do the same. God Bless You All, looking forward to the Open Roof and the sound of the tires on the roadways again soon.

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