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I was in a silver 05 / 6 speed today … Made my first decision on my Quest to be SSR equipped. I’m going with automatic. I’m 6’3” 320lb ex defensive center, and in the SSR head, body and one leg fit well. But left leg is crowded with the clutch; I have to make a TIGHT “C” motion to get to it. ( I can still have that shifting joy in my 57.)
The first thing I checked out on this unit while sitting on the lot was the window closing. This one worked well, Thanks, because of what I had learned on this board I’m sure when I buy I will get a good one.
This one had two scuff / scratches in driver’s seat top side. Are these seats that sensitive, it’s been on the lot a week? ( $ lol 69,548 CN) :grouphug
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