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Ok I'm a little bored so I figures I'll let you ladies & gentlemen fellow SSR owners capture some cool speed tricks......

1. K&N air filter (induction)
2. Hypertech RAM reprogram chip (advance timing, chang air/fuel ratio)
3. 160 degree Thermostat (engine block cools faster)
4. Headers (exaust)
5. Traction Bars for wheel hop (squat, reduce hop)
6. Lowereing springs 2" front/back stock 19", 20 "(aerodynamics, squat off line)
7. High Output Fuel Pump (fuel)
8. MSD Ignition box, High Output Ignition coil (ignition)
9. underdrive pulley, replace stock pulleys with smaller pulleys
all of above without disturbing engine/drivetrain 85 horsepower ( $ 1,000.00) without labor
Supercharger kit (around $ 3500.00 plus labor I can install ) around 90 Horsepower
Please feel free to ask any questions or comments, ASE Certified GM auto tech
( 10 years )

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The following is for discussion... Not meant in any other way :)

1 Ok here
2 Any reason why this and not another brand?
3 Block cools faster? more like engine temp will be maintained at 160 as long as the cooling system can keep up. There are some existing threads on this topic
4 Headers - ok. Should probably add the rest of the system though.
5 T-bars. Is there a wheel hop problem? I would ecpect the 5 link rear is already pretty stable.
6 Lowering - ok. Alignment may or may not be an issue. There are threads on this as well.
7 Why. I assume this would only be needed if you were doing something that used more fuel than the factory pump could supply.
8 Coil - should be coils (8), at least on the 6 liter. Not sure on the 5.3.
9 Underdrive - good but the water pump should likely be kept at the factory speed to preclude overheating.
10 427 engine swap from new Z-06 vette.

Anyone else??

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[edit]inappropriate comments deleted. Keep it civil please. No personal attacks. TR [/edit]

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Nicki, Nicki, Nicki,

He wasn't attacking you, just naming some of your topics where we've had a LOT of threads before.

Hey, we're on the same team.......... Looking for ways to improve our toys!

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Yikes, don't think I'd like this guy working on my ride, if that is what he intended....I guess I would prefer someone a little more civil.
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