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Radio update.........

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Dealership called, radio just started working again, they said from

Key on engine/off cycling for 3 days reprogrammed the radio that the owner is me and the radio wasn't stolen... This can be a future Technical Service Bulletin, just to recap I had a radio on / no amp problem which cause no sound from the speakers... SSR'S are like the BMW, have the radio tied to the Vehicle Vin meaning if the radio is removed from theft its worthless to the common thief, so hopefully the problem corrected itself, also keep in mind the GM Dealership re downloaded the program last week but it took several KEY on/ engine offs to fix the problem. well I will inform the board on any future complications, also had the hood/ fenders stripped to bare metal, from there they resprayed the fenders & hood, looks great, the reasoning was chips from highway use ( not me ).... Its the design of the SSR that causes this particular problem so I wouldnt recommend high speeds in loose gravel
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Wow Nick (or Nicki),

For a new member, you sure have added a LOT to this forum.

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