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The Man鈥 The Myth鈥 The Legend!!! Dicktator is a walking, talking, encyclopedia of SSR information. I am so happy that we got to meet him, and hope to see him again next year! Maybe sooner if we go to another rally!

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Me and the hubby, heading home after a wonderful long weekend with new friends.

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Part of the Dining Room at the banquet.

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Dicktator took some pictures at the Maggie Valley Banquet and asked me to post them for him. Sorry some of you got cut out of the pictures 馃槣 but I know Dick will be forgiven!
It was sure a fun night shard with the Fanatic Family! 馃グ


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I am sorry! New camera phone, NOT! Usually use a Brownie 620, eight pictures to a roll with flash. Three days to develop.

One of the Best Maggie Valley Rallies I have attended.
No, I have not attended all like Howard aka Bad Black SSR.
I met my friend, which I should have introduced at the Banquet, Retired Lieutenant Colonel Charles Magaw. That was 2008.
Our wives let us drive up together this year, long, long drive.

Saw a lot of OLD friends, (I'm not any older), and NEW SSR Friends.

Did help a couple R's with Roof problem. Surprise?, NO!,

SSR will be 20 years OLD next year, like ME, 87 years OLD this year.

They have replaced my "leaking" heart valve, like a "leaking" hydraulic cylinder.

Great job, Mike, Linda and helpers!!


1. Chuck & Dicktator having steak dinner.
2. Great Pizza Party
3. Jack Pruitt, Chuck, Dicktator breakfast at Buttered Biscuit
4. Our old friends, Kim, Chuckstr, Dave aka Heartbeat Dave, Dicktator go back to 2008
5. Howard aka Bad Black SSR has attended everyone of Maggie Valley Rallies.
6. Yes, Chuckstr and Dicktator had their ICE CREAM!!


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