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RE: Need HELP Identifying Correct Lug Nut Size

Hi Everyone,
I recently got a set 18" x 8 1/2" GM Accsessory Wheels that I am going to put 4 Snow Tires on for the Winter. First off I am planning to put 235/55/18 on the Front and 255/55/18 on the rear to simulate the Stock Ride Height.

1) Can I put 255/55/18 all around to bring the front end up a little for the Winter without messing anything up?

2) Are there any other size suggestions, considering I don't want to reprogram the PCM just for the Winter Tires, but I would like as much height as possible for the Winter Roads around here.

3) These wheels use a Tapered Bottom Acorn Type Lugnut. I think they should be M12 x 1.5 x 25.9 ? My question is, since the wheel stud does not go through this design, how DEEP does this Lug nut have to be? What have you other folks used in this situation, as I have to buy a full set. Any good affordable sources out there?

Thank you for any and all help and assistance. :liebe011:

Best Regards,
Scott Alexander - USA-1-SSr
2005 Aqua Blur
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