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2004 ultraviolet purple SSR- 5.3 auto with supercharger
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So, got the old gal back from the mechanic after having to put a new heater core in. The young man that I have work on it is just a terrific mechanic and is so meticulous and is a certified GM mechanic. I am fortunate to have him around to work on this for me. I had him replace actuators and check everything over while dash was out. Now going to take it to my son and park it in his garage over winter and he wants to do a few things on it, which may include pulling the guage cluster out and send it in to be redone. I'm fortunate that he is talented enough to do those type of things and all he wants for pay is to drive it when he can. Fair trade I would say. Thanks to all of you that have given us advice since we became members and owner. Have a great thanksgiving. Joe
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