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Rear bumper/trim piece thingy? (Fuzzy?)

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Rear bumper/trim piece thingy?

I have seen some pictures in the avatars, and the one in Fuzzy's signature, showing a rear trim piece that reaches across the tailgate from end-to-end. Is this avaiable to purchase, or is it a concept thing? Also, I see it reaches across the taillights - if this thing does exist, how exactly does it work with the contours of the rear end? Whatever it is, it's extremely cool! :)

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The rear bar you see in the avatar is on my Radio contolled SSR that I painted to see if that paint design would look good on the full sized SSR. I don't know of any one that has one available. When I get to painting my full sized SSR, I intend to pursue the option of finding or making one that will addapt to mine. It is cool,and definately sets it apart from others.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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