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Rear bumper/trim piece thingy? (Fuzzy?)

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Rear bumper/trim piece thingy?

I have seen some pictures in the avatars, and the one in Fuzzy's signature, showing a rear trim piece that reaches across the tailgate from end-to-end. Is this avaiable to purchase, or is it a concept thing? Also, I see it reaches across the taillights - if this thing does exist, how exactly does it work with the contours of the rear end? Whatever it is, it's extremely cool! :)

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Coincidently, I ordered that book from just last week - hasn't come in yet. We have been so immersed in Vettes, and know so much about the history, etc., that we feel totally lacking when it comes to the SSR. We are trying to learn all we can - we have absolutely fallen in love with ours, but had not researched or set out to buy one. We were lucky enough to have this one fall into our laps while we were looking at another Vette, and we couldn't be happier!

Anyway, thanks for the info - we are eagerly awaiting our book, and are so happy to have found this website as it is the only really good source of information I have found so far. Thank you all for your patience with my questions, and for all I have managed to learn in a short week!

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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