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rebel hood

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see you got your spare hood!! Have you decided what you are going to do with it? curious!!
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Yep … rough idea, enough to start and then adjust it as I go. 32”x 3” across the window extending out 24” and tapering toward the front grill. Round the leading edge with a rise to match the same rise as the front of hood. On the sides I will cut 3 stylized “C “ vents to pickup on the door handle half mooner shape, But lean them with a longer lower leg.( you know like the attitude 3 leaning forward on Dales stock car.) Their will be 3/8 of metal that runs through all the cutouts. This is a stiffener for the inside c tabs. That stiffener will run out past the C’s with a special paint treatment. Then I can back the cutouts with an expanded metal or plastic. Might work a purple horny running light in behind that. Across the back of the attitude hump I will try to hang a swing door from the top. Watch the avatar for progress shots, but still waiting for its arrival. If it’s s--- looking I still have the factory hood right. add: Nice dress on your ssr Merlin Like the clean back gate.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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