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Red R sighted in Greenville

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I saw a red R with Illinois plates at a repair shop in Greenville. It had Illinois plates on it, with after market wheels. I went inside and asked the gal behind the counter who owned the R. From her reaction, you would have thought I was trying to get the combination to their safe or super private health records.
I explained about the Fanatics and that it's always good to meet another R owner.
Finally, I asked if she would give the owner my card which she said she would do. (Doubtful) That was a few days ago. The R is still sitting in the same spot and I haven't gotten a call yet.
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Good try.
I must agree that the offer of a card is much better than asking who owns it. If you get the call, great and if not at least the owner can't be upset with the shop or shop staff. I might not take kindly to having my information handed out because my truck was visible from the street.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts