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I'm working on a project to use an old smart phone as an auxiliary gauge display via Torque and a Full Time OBDII Bluetooth sender. Got it working pretty well, but the OAT only works well at first start-up. Once the engine gets hot, the sender gets heat soaked and moves from Ambient up to 140+, and stays there. Driving at 70 on the Freeway does not bring it back down (as it does on one of my other cars). For clarity, I do have a Supercharger, so may have additional heat to deal with.

I tried insulating the sensor inside a piece of Hot Water insulating foam, with the open end of the foam exposed to the open side of the grill. No Difference. I then tried moving the sensor. I moved it down in front of the Air Dam, and saw a little improvement, but it will still heat soak. Driving back from Laughlin to Vegas ( about 2 hrs drive), temp steadily rose from Ambient to Ambient +30.

Anyone found a good location for this sensor? Willing to extend wires if necessary.
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