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Remember the Mustang that was going to race the SSR

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Well I thought about that, A guy has a 05 GTO 6.0 6 speed that wants to race my truck for the fun of it, Unlike the Mustang ver SSR that went on for weeks this is tomorrow night at a NHRA track, It is a nice track as it has two sets of trap lights, One at the 1/8 and one at the 1/4 mile, It is a test night where you can come and see what it will do, Also unlike the other mine is a 04 5.3, He works at a speed shop and has a few things done to the goat but I don't know what, I know it has a K&N, SuperChips, But I think that is about it, I wasn't going to go but the wife and a few friends said why not, The GTO owner said so what if you lose it will be fun, I looked him in the eye and said I never race to lose, Now he doesn'r know what to think, All I know is it should be interesting
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Something I always tend to forget is the traction control button. Nothing ercks me more than standing on it and have the engine start to choke.

You can drop about about 75 or more pounds by removing the tanou cover, 2 bolts & a elctrical plug and leave the tailgate down.

Also Manually shift it! Let us know how you did.
Great job!

Traction control button?

I would have thought with a supercharger, you would have been smooking the tires off the line.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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