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Remember the Mustang that was going to race the SSR

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Well I thought about that, A guy has a 05 GTO 6.0 6 speed that wants to race my truck for the fun of it, Unlike the Mustang ver SSR that went on for weeks this is tomorrow night at a NHRA track, It is a nice track as it has two sets of trap lights, One at the 1/8 and one at the 1/4 mile, It is a test night where you can come and see what it will do, Also unlike the other mine is a 04 5.3, He works at a speed shop and has a few things done to the goat but I don't know what, I know it has a K&N, SuperChips, But I think that is about it, I wasn't going to go but the wife and a few friends said why not, The GTO owner said so what if you lose it will be fun, I looked him in the eye and said I never race to lose, Now he doesn'r know what to think, All I know is it should be interesting
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Double-L: The "something is not right" COULD be the "torque management" or "abuse management" routines built into the stock PCM.

The SSR has an electronic throttle ("fly by wire"), and that makes it possible for the factory to program it in a way that denies you full throttle whenever certain restriction limits are exceeded. i.e. even though you are applying full PHYSICAL throttle via the pedal, the PCM is factoring that down to something less if, for example:

- Calculated torque exceeds a preset limit that is designed to protect the powertrain (Yes, I just read a Delco article dated March 2000 in which they proudly idscuss the advantages of this in apresentation to automotive engineers, and yes, they DO "calculate" the applied torque based on airflow, fuel system, and engine rpm)

- Traction control engages

- The PCM detects an abnormal input signal, and decides based on its programmed criteria to reduce power to a "safe" level

So, the question is: When you got your supercharger, did the reprogramming of the PCM that was done at that time somehow defeat (all of) these controls, or not.

Jim G
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Double-L: Reese at MTI Racing is working on understanding the "controls" built into the SSR PCM right now. I think he hopes to have some results soon.

Jim G
Diggs: Not correct, I'm afraid.

The electronic throttle control (ETC) was new in the Corvette engine, also used in the SSR, for 2005, BUT has been inplace on the TRUCK engines a lot longer. All 03 and 04 SSRs are ETC equipped.

Read my post on Cruzned's thread on his SSR limping into protected mode. ETC is not a good thing from many perspectives.

Jim G
Double-L: I'd REALLY like to talk to that GM guy who worked on the PCM. Any chance of you putting me in contact with him? If so, PM me.

I have an idea that could help you and a lot of others.

Jim G
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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