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Replacement Wheels

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First I would like to say this site is great. We are new owners, got ours a week ago today, can't figure out why I waited so long to get one. the info and comments by all the users here has really been a lot of help.

We are looking for some chrome wheels for our ssr, and wanting to keep the one's that are on it. Have searched the web, found a few, but would like to buy somewhere I can see the wheels first. We are in central Ca., anyone have any places in mind where we can find some, other than a dealer?

The dealer where we bought our ssr can get some really nice ones, but it takes about 2 months, and they want mine in exchange. We want to keep these, as the possibility of painting them the same color of the ssr is a thought ( compromised with my wife, she is a purple nut, she picked the color, and with the looks we have gotten in just a few days, I'm beginning to like it a lot myself).

Again, any and all info. would be greatly appreciated.

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What part of central Cal???

I'm in Kingsburg - we're having an SSR gathering the weekend of April 15 - 16 - 17th - come on over and join the crowd...

on eBay: - not sure if chrome or satin...

Friday night (15th) - small town cruise
Saturday (16th) - Kingsburg CarShow - Pre 1972 cars - so we are not being judged...
Sunday (17th) -1st Annual SSR Generals Highway Run thru Sequoia / Kings Canyon...

See attached flyer for my Ph #...


Hmmm. Whell Vintiques is up that way - they might have something for you. Check them out on the web.. Biggest thing to watch for is to get the right offset to match the stock wheels so things will still fit. They can do custom offsets on all their wheels.

the Boyd Renegades were installed on Saturday...they look great and were worth the 4 week wait. As soon as the lowering is done I'll figure out a way to post a photo (can't do that till the 9th due to other time obligations).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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