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Retrospective: Lansing Craft Center and End of SSR Production

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Here's an online article from March of 2006 that discusses both the end of SSR production and the Lansing Craft Center closure. It's realistic in its assessment of the SSR and its enthusiasts, and references this forum as well.

This was posted elsewhere on the forum in 2008 but not here in the Heritage Center.


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That is a great article! Thanks for posting it!
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Why would this article have a special place in The Heritage Center?
Regardless, other than the quivering chin, 90% of this has been verified and covered in "ASC" and "Lansing Craft Centre Timeline",
Both threads I did and can be found in "The Heritage Center".
The idea is to invite people to visit The Heritage Center and not have to read duplicated information.
There is enough of that on the regular forum
Thanks for the share, an enjoyable read.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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