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With prices crashing has anyone done a reverse auction to purchase a new SSR? Post what you want and have dealers "bid" on getting your business? Would E-Bay run this type of auction? Would be very interesting to see how low the price would get.

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Could you do something on Ebay to the effect of:
I Want to purchase New SSR.
List the minimum and maximum options.
Dealers bid only. New vehicle
Bid amount will be how much you will accept UNDER MSRP
Price to include shipping to Wherever, US
Set the reserve or starting price at $1500 under MSRP and see what happens????
Would Ebay do something like that????

Would Troy allow something like that?
We could get both of the dealers trying to sell over MSRP that read this site to bid. :lol

I have a handshake agreement with my local dealer for a 2005. I thought I was first on the list but he bumped me down a notch. Any dealer that wants to make me an offer????? PM me
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