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I picked up my new '05 Slingshot Yellow SSR two weeks ago. So far I really enjoy it - EXCEPT - for one nagging design omission that continues to bother me - the lack of a spare tire. The onboard fix-a-flat kit is not very comforting. I will be using this beauty as a daily driver, so odds are someday........ Anyway, someone at work recommended a product called Ride-On. ( With this stuff, you don't wait until you have a problem, you install this product in your tires and it supposedly helps to dynamically balance as well as "heal" up to 1/8" punctures. It also cleans up with water when the tire is removed and is does not damage the rim with any corrosive material. Has anyone had any experience with this product? Thanks!

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another seller?


Interesting product- for $50 I'll try it. I already had several flats and currently driving with a nail embedded in one.

But, Are you promoting this product?

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saharajohn No, I have no "ties" to the manufacturer. (sorry for the bad pun houtex)
This board has a weath of SSR knowledge and I just thought that with so many folks out there, maybe I could get some first hand input..
I just saw some comments published in the latest issue of Wing World (Honda Gold Wing Road Riders Magazine) and checked out their website. ( The stuff looked really good, so I telephoned the company and was put in touch with Harry, an engineer and co-founder. He was very patient and responded to all my questions and concerns. He recommended their motorcycle formulation for the SSR application. After the conversation, I was convinced and ordered a case. (I plan on using it in my Honda VTX, my dad's Gold Wing trike and my SSR.)
Hopefully, I'll NEVER know how good the stuff is, but I'll feel better knowing that I have some additional "insurance" - I'm just not as confident as dohyatt that my luck will hold out for the whole time I own the truck! :rolleyes:

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wildcat66 I can't find my notes, but I believe that they told me the "dosage" of motorcycle formula would be 11 oz. in the front and 12 oz. in the rear (each tire).
(the motorcycle formula is less viscous and less is needed than the car/light truck formula.)
I sent an e-mail to the company to verify. I'll let you know if these figures are correct when I recieve a response.

wildcat66 - the figures above are correct - for the MOTORCYCLE formula - 11 oz in the front, 12 oz. in the rear
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