Looking for OEM set, (NO AFTER MARKET SETS ACCEPTABLE). Would love to find a NOS set but none are likely out there. So a good used set is what I am seeking. They were available in some models of the following Chevy/GMC trucks.
K10,K15 (1990 +, K20,K25 (1981 +, K30,K35 (1989 +
C10,C15 (1990 +, C20, (1981 +, C30,C35 (1983 +
Also was available on H2 HUMMERS (02 +

Needed to replace current howling gear set in my six speed SSR. Have been through several after market sets including some REM coated to boot. All have been noisy. Have not been successful in a few attempts to find a set via calls to on line junk yards. :oops:
Please advise if you know of a reputable source that could come up with a set for me.