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Road and Track (speed) Mag. May/June Issue

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SSR Plays fast and loose with F150, SRT-10 and XRunner. Guess which place we placed on the Track Test!!!!
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The SRT10 would be first, with either the SSR 6.0 liter or F150 coming in second depending on which version of the F150 was used, and me not knowing anything about an xrunner, would guess it to be fourth.

Hey i'm not always right, but It's my guess.
Ok you get points for the SRT-10 being first, weighing in at 5180 lbs
up against the 05 SSR manual, V-8 4770 lbs
Roush F150 V-8 5600lbs
X-runner V-6 3710lbs
They ran with BMW M3, Nissan 350Z and MX5 Miata in the 0-60 and 1/4 mile, slalom and skidpad
I love this line in the article....If more so-called sports cars drove like this so-called truck, the world would be a distinctly better place to live in.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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