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Question, if I'm driving around 40 and happen to hit a Tennessee bump in the road the rear will bounce and sounds like it bottoms out and hits something.
I haven't noticed excessive bounce like worn out shocks and shocks are not leaking that I can tell.

Any suggestions?

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Does anyone know the correct replacement rear shocks for a 2005 with manual trans. GM p/n 15209863
One website said the auto trans P/N is different. These are Bilstein shocks with the number "A9E" on them.
Yes, I have a pair of the original 15209863 shocks in the OEM boxes. Yes, they are only for the 6-speed SSR. I do have a very suitable, more generic, Bilstein replacement available in my web store. The replacements in my web store have a fatter body with very nice damping. They work well with both the automatics and 6-speed axles. I will sell the OEM ones to you if you MUST have them. They are $150 each, plus shipping.

For those that wonder..... The reason GM created the ones for the 6 speed is because of the difference in unsprung weight....... the rear axle for the 6-speed truck weighs about 80 pounds more than the Torsen axle in the automatics.


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