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Road test article on a 2005 SSR

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I just read an article on a 2005 SSR at I didn't agree with it totally but the author gives the SSR and its' owners their due.
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As a previous VX (Vehicross) owner, it really tickled me to see them comparing the SSR to the VX! The VX got a lot of attention, was fun to drive and never seemed all that wimpy performance wise to me, but the SSR is miles ahead of the VX in every way. As a more-or-less standard Chevy product, the SSR will never be the orphan that the VX was within a few years, and the fact that every dinky little town has a Chev dealer whereas the Isuzu dealers are few and far between, means you can travel just about anywhere in the SSR without worrying about a breakdown.

That points to another advantage of the SSR over a hotrod/streetrod. I would never consider driving any of those hybrid/custom made outfits 500 miles or more on a vacation trip for fear of a breakdown. The SSR on the other hand will do just fine and I won't worry a bit about something breaking.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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