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Several times I have heard from my SSR loud metallic screeching noises when rolling at low speed.

It was alarming but it went away.

This would happen sometimes pulling out of my garage or from a parking spot.

The last time, I was able to locate the noise coming from the front wheel.

I jacked the truck up and found the noise was caused by a small rock rubbing between the back of the brake rotor and a thin metal plate to its rear.

I think the sheet metal plate is called the brake dust shield. Maybe not.

I took pictures with the second showing the little rock before I was able to pull it out of there.

Now that I know the cause, it is only an annoyance that I can ignore.

Should I be concerned about possible damage?

I am not sure what I could do about this since there is a lot of very hard granite gravel around here.


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I used to have a 1993 Chevy pu that did the same thing. It was a real PITA. Never hurt anything, but sounded terrible. It never did hurt a thing. Lived on a dirt road and just learned to pull them out. Sometimes if I held the brake, a little, it would pop out when going in reverse.
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