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Base MSRP on an SSR is $41,995 which includes the 1SA package and delivery freight. The 1SB package is a 1900.00 option. $45,000 minus $41,995 is $3005......So a $45K purchase price is very realistic even with a finders commission. I did mention taxes ,title and tag would be additional. Thanks.....and if this appeals to anyone please let me know.

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Read the numbers!

Here's a quote from your other post! I have an SSR ordered for myself at MSRP and in my search I have found another available for October at MSRP at a Chev. dealership. If you want to email me I think I can get you out for $45K if your willing to take the 1SA package with no options. I just spoke with the dealer today and it is still available to be ordered to anyone's specs. Anyone else interested in this vehicle please email me. I will charge a fee but even with that, a base model would be 45k total. (plus tt&l of course) I have references. [email protected]

A 1SB is $1900 but you said a 1SA so that puts you about $3000 to much! So that looks like a very handsome finders fee! :eek
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