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Roof Cycle time out is still an issue.....

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After keeping my truck for a week and modifying the clips that hold the hydraulic lines, the first time I tried the roof today and it gave the dreaded, :"Roof cycle time out" message. Guess it will never be truly fixed. I also noticed a small nick in a v shape on the undeside of the flipper door and there is still rubbing on the outside of the roof area making a lovely small scratch about one inch long and 1/2 inch wide. Jimjaks, is there a fix to this? :mad

Oh, I almost forgot, the original sound on the blower fan on the dash on the no. 1 setting was always chirpy sounding but I kind of got used to it until today. Now it sounds like a very small bird is constantly whistling and it is doing it on virtually ever setting. It also sounds like a leaf or piece of paper is hitting the fan on higher speeds. Anyone know how i can access that fan? I don't have the manual. :confused

Attached are some pics of the little bugger. I highlighted the contact problem areas in amber elipses.
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My fan has been annoying for a long time now. I guess I'm still waiting for GM to say they have a fix. I tend to keep the fan off unless I really need it.
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