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I don't know if anyone has tried this, but this is what I've found that works and it hasn't failed yet. I found by accident, when the timeout message displays I removed my foot from the brake and pushed the switch to raise the roof. DIC then displays depress brake. Remove your finger from the switch, then depress the brake and depress the switch to retract the top. This hasn't failed yet(used this 5 times so far)top goes down. Is this what the techs do at the dealership when they say they fixed the problem? We know they still don't totally understand what is needed to service the SSR. This is a corp to dealership education that I think has yet to be installed for satisfied customer service. Just my thoughts, have fun in the great toy with it's ups and downs. We do and would never think of giving it up.

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Bushman you are my HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!


I went to put the top down today since it is in the high 40's and saw the dreaded Roof Timeout! I have owned my SSR for a couple of years and fortunately had never had this occur before. So of course I freaked out because no matter what I tried to do I couldn't get past the windows going down.

So I searched our site and tried your suggestion regarding taking my foot off the brake, hitting the top switch until 'depress brake' came on, hitting the brake again, and the roof switch, and held my breath.

Viola! All worked as it should.

Thanks Bushman! This site is always good for conversation and information and when I really needed it for a potentially costly problem it came through with flying colors!

You Da Man!:party :party :party :party


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Hey Buffy.

Thank you, although I hope never to have to try it out, it is good info, nice tip.

Hey Buffy, can you add this to tips and tricks???

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