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Roof Grief!

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Heading out last Friday, 80 degrees, top down...driving to the church where our daughter would be married the next day (She and our new son-in-law asked if they could drive the SSR away from the church...certainly!). Thought it would make some great pictures, especially with the top down.
Stopped to get a few things. Tried to put the top up...nothing! Turned off truck, sat, waited, nothing...finally the DIC shows "Faulty Hall Flip Switch"...(might have some words transcribed). Anyway, minor panic set in as storm clouds began to gather. Made it to my destination, a large dealership in SW Michigan...who will remain nameless, because they were useless. In their defense, they did say I could run it inside if the rain started...golly, thanks! There was one guy in "parts" that felt my pain. The mechanic that worked on SSR's was gone, teaching a seminar.
Needless to say, I learned how to manually raise my roof. What a pain in the a$$.
My truck is now back home at my dealership and the mechanics there are stymied...on the phone to GM techs. They replaced the "faulty"switch, still nothing. I've searched other threads, but I didn't find a whole lot of others with this specific problem. Anybody out there have an episode like this?
Looking so forward to having some great pictures of the newlyweds with the top down. Wasn't about to go through all that crap of raising and lowering! I've read that GM checks this site on occaison, so...Thanks, expensive vehicle with 7500 miles on it, a big day to show it off and then people asking me why the top wasn't down! As the manual stated when the DIC error message came up...consult your local Chevrolet dealer! But, ya know what...I still love this truck. This too shall pass.
Sorry for the length of the post; had to vent. Heading down to the dealership to "Mother Hen" my chick.
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Sorry for you troubles. This is one of those examples of :

  • Do something GREAT, and no one is ever around
  • Do something STUPID, and EVERYONE will see it!
Did they check the hydraulic system? This has cause the rise and fall fail on mine and others. Just a suggestion! Hope you get it worked out soon.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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