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Oh no........Roof is sticking to seals!!!! Time to treat all seals with Gummi Pflege Stift. Great product made in Germany for high end automobiles. I've been using it for many years on all (5) my vehicles. No problems and the seals are soft and pliable.

The Original Weather Seal Conditioner

For over thirty years, Gummi Pflege has been the go-to treatment and conditioner for rubber weather seals by automotive manufacturers and repair and detail shops. Formulated to treat and condition seals around doors, windows, sunroofs, hoods and trunk lids and keep them working at their optimum condition.

Gummi Pflege has a unique formula that penetrates the rubber, helps the rubber expand and leaves a water-resistant, dust-resistant sealed in finish for longer lasting results and also helps car doors from sticking in freezing temperatures.

Reason to Treat:

Exposure to UV and extreme temperatures can dry and reduce the effectiveness of rubber seals which can cause wind noise and water leaks. By simply applying Gummi Pflege on the seals every few months (or as needed) you can save your seals from becoming damaged and needing replacement.

For very dry seals, several applications might be needed to bring them back to their original condition. Remember to apply on weather seals in the engine area where they are exposed regularly to extreme heat which causes the rubber to dry and crack.

I buy it on eBay at a great price. I take the white shoe dobber sponge off and put liquid on a rag and go over the seals and with my finger going into the rubber where it rolls over. Don't forget the seals under the hood, rear lid and tailgate. One bottle goes a long ways. I've done 7 vehicles on this bottle and still plenty left to do a couple of more.


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