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This has been covered before, but I noted in GMs solution that they say to turn off the SSR and turn it back on after a Roof Cycle Time Out.....don't know if this will help anyone.....

Be sure owners of the 2004 SSR understand this feature of top operation.

If the convertible top has not completed its movement from one position to another within the programmed time limit, a Roof Cycle Timeout message will be displayed on the DIC. When this message appears, the convertible top will stop moving. Release the convertible top switch and make sure there is nothing blocking the path of the top. If the path is clear, turn the ignition off and on again. Then press the convertible top switch again.

When operating the top in low temperatures -- below 32°F (0°C) -- the time needed to cycle the top will increase. This may cause the top movement to stop and the Roof Cycle Timeout message to appear on the DIC. If this occurs, release the convertible top switch and depress it again to continue the cycle. Make sure nothing is blocking the path of the top before depressing the switch again. It may be necessary to do this several times to complete the cycle, depending on the outside temperature.

TIP: If the convertible top switch is operated continuously while the ignition is in ACCESSORY, the battery will drain and it may be difficult to start the vehicle. Do not use the convertible top switch for extended periods of time when the ignition is in ACCESSORY.
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