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my '05 SSR gives me a Roof Tilt warning on a hot day when i am trying to open her up for the ride home. If I leave the windows cracked a bit that seems to help but other wise i have to wait for it to cool down(maybe around 80°F) for it to go down or finish closing. Any suggestions? I read many of the roof issues here in the forum but did not come across this one.

Thanks in advance

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A 'Roof Tilt' warning? I didn't think the DIC displayed such a warning or message.

Only roof related DIC messages in my 2004 are:
Roof Ajar
or Roof Cycle Timeout
or Roof Hall Switch Fault

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It could be roof tilt, RDM monitors the "level" of your roof during operation.

Roof cycle, four, are timed by RDM, if unlevel, hinges on one side move slower than other side, will give you "Time Out" or if real bad at beginning of operation, "Roof Tilt" Although I have never seen Roof Tilt on CID, TLAT I have seen many times.

GM put single "Tube" under roof on frame to stablaize roof during operation. CHANGE IT!

Order Mike's "Trailblazer Cross Member" to replace that single bar. Frame all drilled for Trailblazer Cross Member.

Dealer called me about Roof Operation, said customer "could not work roof at home" but Dealer could not make it "not" work. I suggested they change the Bar/Tube to Trailblazer Cross Member. They did, customer never had problem again.

Mike aka

How to Library: Look up CROSS MEMBER and ROOF T LATCH



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