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RoyLee and I attended the Southern Star Brewing Third Annual Bombshell Car Exhibit in Conroe, TX. About 145 Cars and Trucks displayed. RoyLees Flame Truck won Best Paint! The flames on his truck added to the 96 deg. feels like 106 deg. heat but beer was real cold.
Way to Go RoyLee!!!


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Nice Victory Roy!

Way to go Roy!! ((a.k.a. Hot Rod)) - :smile2:

Way to represent. Your truck is second to none and you are very deserving of Best Paint at any car/truck show. How about some additional pictures. That would be really nice.

][][][ - You da' man, Roy!! - :smile2:

David :black:
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1st Picture ... CONGRATULATIONS "R"
2nd Picture ... A Thorn between 2 Roses or a Rose between 2 Thorns :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
3rd Picture ...SSR's Rule !!!
4th Picture ... No Junk Here !!! :black: :yellow:

Again CONGRATULATIONS Roy ... Thanks for the pictures "Tex"
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