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Rumor is that the 2004 sounds much better than the 2005. Is it that they changed the exhaust system on the 2005?
Any input on this? I understand the 2004 has Flowmaster exhaust on it.
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Which sounds Best?

Diggs said:
...just different ... Diggs
Bill Bogert said:
I have never driven a 03 or 04, but my 05 6-speed sounds pretty good... with the top up!!! ... The SSR, however, will stay stock.
I have a 04 & driven briefly a 05 & both were automatics. I agree with Diggs the sound is different. "Perception" is the key here. If the average person where to listen to or drive a 05 and or a 03-04 they would certainly say both have great sounds!!!

However, here is where I believe the difference is... the "combined" sounds of the engine (5.3 L) and the exhaust on the 03's and 04's are a slightly deeper, richer and throatier sounding. (my personal perception)

It is my understanding that the 03 & 04 exhaust sounds reached the "highest" allowable noise levels in 49 out of 50 states. I can't remember which state it was, either New Hampshire or Connecticut, where the muffler sounds exceeded their state noise limits. Now add to that issue, some SSR owners where expressing their displeasure with some annoying/ resonating sounds that seemed to show up in the cockpit throughout the range of 1500-1700 RPMs.

So here is where some of my own thoughts come into play on this topic; GM may have redesigned the muffler system to minimize or try to eliminate some of the resonating sounds that seemed to occurr in some of the 03s & 04s cockpits and also may have have lowered, tweaked or adjusted the noise levels to be able to meet all of the 50 States "noise" requirements. *Add to that the different engine sounds of the new 6.0L makes and the newer exhaust ... combine to make the 05s sound slightly different.*

Ps. I am sure there will be other varing opinions on this great debate; which year SSRs sounds better 03-04's or 05s?
SSR owners please... share your thoughts! :flag
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Kiss & Make up!

dingbat said:
Marc seems to be enjoying this a bit too much
Hi dingbat,

:) It might seem like I am enjoying this way too much... :lol but it is sooooooo tough keeping everyone in line on our wild forum at times... :rolleyes:

I got an idea lets all ...
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Only trying to jazz up our site here

houtex said:
On top of that - he seems to be surfing the "bondage emoticon" site.
OH MY no no I would never never do that honest!

Ps as a good moderator I check other forums and I try to get the best things I can find ...
so these icons came from other friendly car forums only
! :angel

OH Mr. houtex SIR!
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freezer said:
... The '05 engine required a new exhaust in order to meet noise regulations and backpressure requirements. We got rid of the 1500 rpm period, but the bass notes are not quite as good as the '03 system. I still think it sounds great, even though it is slightly different than '03. I have an '03 and get universal positive comments on the exhaust noise. I find that I usually drive through the 1500 period and do not notice it.
Thank you to freezer for bringing us back on track and clarifying once and for all why the 03 & 04s sound slightly louder and or throatier than the 05s do.

Even though the 05 sounds may have changed a little bit I have to agree with freezer that they both still sound AWESOME!
Sweet sounds indeed!

houtex said:
It's kinda why I've stayed away from the aftermarket catback systems - I REALLY like the factory sound.
Yes, I agree with houtex once again... :)

Just a short comment... when I was at the Dream Cruise last summer I did hear Tom / SSRcobra's exhaust and it sure did sound sweet. However, for my SSR I prefer the orginal beautiful sounds of the stock exhaust system. One major problem was that I constaintly wanted to go from 0 to the speed limit fast... so I could hear those sweet sounds! Varooooooooooom
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