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Well, Yes and No.

The 03/04 rear brackets are different from the front two.

And the 05/06 have a slotted rear bracket.

Lonnie, Sinister Kustoms, in Plant City, stamps them right and left, i.e. A1 drivers side and B1 is passengers side, etc.

Here are some pictures. Lonnie has set up an exchange program, you ship yours and he will ship you a set.

Shop phone # 813-752-9357

(Hope I got this right, Lonnie explained it but it is a little confusing).

1. Stamp B 1
2. Stamp B 2
3. Set of 04 Brackets, NOTE rear is different.
4. 03/04 and 05/06 Brackets


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Running board bracket sets.

I have new sets with bolts for frame side. The cost per set is $110.00 THANKS
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