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so since Friday my baby has been running rough, and i can feel a persistent shudder/vibration and i feel like I'm accelerating through resistance whenever i get on the gas. normally I can just let out the clutch without any gas and she'll climb quickly right up the steep driveway and out of the garage -- but today when I did that she barely made it up on her own. not sure what could have happened -- only difference is that I filled up with SHell gas friday (first time in years, i've heard it's crap) but i can't imagine that would make such a marked difference. taking her in to the dealer first thing in the morning to have it checked out... :confused

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Some POSSIBILITIES since you filled up at a "different" gas station than normal, it is possible you filled up where:

1. they have water in the underground fuel tank, or

2. their tank was near empty at the time and so the pump picked up debris from the bottom of the tank and put it into YOUR tank, or

3. If you filled up with premium, since gas is VERY expensive right now, a lot of people who might normally buy premium are downgrading to mid grade or regular, so the premium fuel is getting stale

When diagnosing a problem, always look to "what changed recently?"

Jim G

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had this problem several times...

The first time running rough occurred after a long trip on the road (8hrs driving) It wouldn't accelerate properly. After drivng (almost coasting) for several miles, it improved to almost normal. I was told the PCM goes back to a default condition to along "normal" driving, but gas mileage suffers. The problem was a bad emmison sensor.
next time, several months later, same thing. This time no mis-fires were registered on the PCM. Checked the wiring to the DIC...normal. Changed the PCM, and all has been normal since then.


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