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This past weekend I finally drive my SSR from Phoenix to Preskitt AZ.
I own a small little house 4 blocks from down town. I have two big cottonwood trees so I was leery about getting sap on my finish.I parked away from the trees but after staying two days I looked and noticed I had sap on my finish DAMN!!!
I,ve had this happen before and I know its a tedious job usung a clay bar.
I was not looking forward to doing this job this morning. I have been using a new product lately by Eagle One, I bought this product from the Barrett Jackson auction. Its an after car wash spray called wipe-N-shine. I use this spray every time I hand wash my truck, it goes on when the paint is still wet.
SO...... I washed my truck this morning and all the sap came off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I use doing backflips..this saved me so much time I could'nt believe it! I really pays to keep a very clean polished finish!!!!So if anyone has any other time saving tips I,am up for it!!
Later BillyRay
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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