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from the owners manual
Integrated Windshield Antenna
The antenna in your vehicle is a very thin, metal layer in
the windshield. The outline of the antenna can be seen
near the edges of the windshield. The connector is at the
top of the windshield, where the headliner ends.
If difficulty with remote transmitters is experienced, such
as a garage door opener, try pointing the device
through the very top of the windshield.
Does anyone actually have this kind of antenna? I've never seen anything but the defroster style.

It's occured to me that this could be why GM didn't make sat radio and antennas available. Otherwise the sat antenna I spotted on a GMC Envoy this morning should work fine on an SSR. It's kind of neat, it mounts on the inside of the windsheild behind the mirror to the right of center. The windshield even had a blackout rosette to keep the sat antenna mount from showing.
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