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Savannah Meet?

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We have some interest in a cruise & meet in Savannah later this summer. Anyone interested please note some time frames that work and we can try to nail this down. We can get GA, SC & FL owners together and have a great time! :party
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Savannah Cruise

Is the July 30-31 date looking realistic?????


Peace :flag

Is there an itinerary for a meeting place, hotels, events, etc. or am I getting ahead of myself. Been through Savannah twice, never stopped, but would love to go there as what I saw going thru was terrific.

If we could get the Ga, Fl, and SC SSR'ers on one page we might rival that Irwindale group for numbers.

just rambling....


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Reservations complete.

Looking forward to a great weekend. Great job arranging the itinerary, Big-Daddy.


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1 - 3 of 62 Posts
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