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Savannah Meet?

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We have some interest in a cruise & meet in Savannah later this summer. Anyone interested please note some time frames that work and we can try to nail this down. We can get GA, SC & FL owners together and have a great time! :party
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Someone has to pick a date and go with it. With all the varied lives we lead no matter what date is picked someone will be unable to attend. I am pretty much wide open on any date.

I don't think the organizers will ban the NC SSRs from attending :lol Now theres a challenge. How many states can we get represented at the gathering?????
One thing to think about is motel. If we are having a good number showing up it might be a good idea to figure out a reasonably priced place and reserve some rooms. Coming in as a group could probably get a better price.
Wouldn't it make the most sense to pick one motel and tell them we have a group of 20-30(?) people coming? This would get us all in the same place and possibly get a reduced rate.

Like everything else, no matter which place you pick it won't please everyone.

I have never been to Savannah other than driving through on I-95. I know almost nothing of the area and personally I would like to be with a group.
1 - 3 of 62 Posts
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