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We now have 5600(+-) miles, and until today had only seen 2 other :ssr on the road. But yesterday ( 6-3-05) saw 3( we were the only one going "topless").
The first was a yellow southbound 101 between Templeton and Atascadero about 2:35 pm. Are you a member??
The second, about an hour later, a silver heading west on Hwy 41 between I-5 and Hwy 46, almost missed you in the line of traffice, I was looking behind me in the mirror( was going just a little bit fast :reddevil ), are you a member??
And, last but not least, andother silver parked on a residental street in Santa Maria ( a side street off of Bradley Road, actually at Don W. house, one of the owners of the company I worked for when I retired. If his company truck had been there, I would have stopped), are you a member??
And to top it off, the town I live in has a population of 16,000 ( includes 5,000 inmates at the state prison), and there is another one in town now ( redline from local dealer), saw them at the parade last Sat., turns out to be some friends of Sandi's she hadn't seen in a while ( John, did you ever make it here to this site?)
We'll keep looking, hope to see more :ssr soon.( 43 others very soon :thumbs )
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