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Ok, drove to work this morning. Parked in my usual spot. 5 Minutes later someone comes in and tells me I have a flat tire. Sure enough, the left rear is flat. I picked up a sheetrock screw on the way to work. Called the toll-free roadside assistance number, which happened to be in New Brunswick.....CANADA! I am in Northern California. Was put on hold for 20 minutes. Think that chewed up some cell phone minutes? Glad I was at work and not on the freeway somewhere. Anyway, tow truck picked up my truck after about 40 minutes. Took it to the dealership. I was picked up by the dealership shuttle after work and picked up my baby. Cost me $32.50. Not too bad. All in all, the roadside assitance was pretty good and a good experience. Hope no one ever gets a flat, but if you do.....the roadside assistance will take care of you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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