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Congrats to our September Ride of the Month Winner... Go N BYBY!!


Items installed:

Grill Insert - Chrome
Bling for Engine Cover & Battery Cover
Tint side windows
Wind suppressor
Door & tail gate chrome inserts
4 Bolt Rear Cross Members
Front/Back bumper stabilizer bars
Dash cover
Paint for Engine Cover etc.
Fat Matt sound deadening material
Paint pin stripping by Dalton
Paint running boards - Danny's Autobody
Main Fan Kit - #SE-MFK-1 (Simple Engineering)
DeVinci wheels & Toyo Tires
New SSR floor mats
Exhaust Tips and Flowmaster muffler (Top Gun, Sumner)
Battery - NAPA #8478 (Legend Premium 84)
Lower Radiator support - SE-LRS-2 (Simple Engineering)
Transmission Oil Cooler #1 - SE-TC-1
Anti-Lock Brake Heat Shield #SE-ALHS
Transmission Shifter Repair Kit - #DKTTR-SRK
SSR Replacement Air Dam #SE-AD-1
Radiator Hose Replacement Bundle - #SE-RHBNDL
Cooling System Tune-up Bundle - #SE-CSBNDL
Garman GPS
Wiper Blades (2 pair)
Top struts, for roof opening (Simple Engineering)
Console tray by Turnsheads.
Air cleaner cover (from Ghostrider)
Soft saddle bag for bed.
Bed cover struts
Dropped and tucked running boards


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Thank you to all that voted for Go N BYBY

There is only one small problem Go N BYBY's head is so swollen I don't know if I can get the top up. If I can't I have a plan, she gets to go for a ride in the next Washington rain storm til the the top fits again.

This was a great experience for me We entered the contest on my son's birthday and the contest ended on our 36 wedding anniversary.

Thanks again to all those that voted, it is really nice to see what Fanatic's have done to there rides, each one is unique in it,s own way.

Thanks again, :purple: :smile2:

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Well deserved

Congratulations on your new title.

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Well the threat of last nights rain storm worked I was ably to get the top up and latched that's good. Although if you Fanatic's keep praising her I am going to have the same problem all over again.

Thanks Again
Jack :purple: :smile2:
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