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Service yields more issues

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Uhhh, okay - so the dealer service yielded a lot of TSBs being addressed and such, and there are a couple more things to do when parts come in, but today when I went to lunch I noticed some issues that were generated BY the service call!

- Weatherstripping along inside of A-pillar was buckled in the middle. Dealer's svc dept replaced it, now it's falling out! - the adhesive is plenty visible as the stripping bows out due to gravity, away from the A-pillar, when the window goes down - even when the window is up, the molding doesn't sit fully against the pillar like it does on the passenger side. Svc guy says the molding isn't supposed to be *held in* by adhesive, rather it fits into a clip/groove of metal and that the adhesive is only to seal up gaps and screwholes and such.

**Note: adhesive smeared on both driver and passenger side roof, and passenger side window.

- Bulkhead at the top of the rear window, at the roof (forward edge of bulkhead is at roof's separation seam), flaps easily when touched - I do not know if it did this beforehand, but it doesn't seem right. Seems as if not attached at the lower corners, only at the roof edge.

- There was a leak at passenger side roof seam, has been replaced with wind noise. Svc Dept claims water leak is gone, but they noticed wind noise at highway speeds. I didn't hear any wind noise beforehand, now I do. They've got a molding coming in for that I think.

I already have to take it back to them when the rest of the parts they were working on come in, anyway, but the kicker is this dealer is an hour and 15 minutes away, not practical for me to keep doing this, should I have more issues like this.

Now, is there a chance that another dealer can take care of this stuff at no charge? (I mean it is a brand new 04, under warranty)

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Priority Chevrolet in Chesapeake, VA has been outstanding for me. They have repaired the top and a variety of other issues free of charge, no hassle, and always gave me a good loaner to use like a Silverado or Equinox. They also charge a heck of a lot less to mount tires! All the tire specialty places wanted $69 per tire to mount my new ones from, but priority mounted them for $15.90 each.....quite a savings. What helped them immensely was the fact that I bought the Helm manuals for the SSR and always have them in the truck when they service it so they have an immediate reference tool to use when doing the work. :seeya
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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