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Have a set of SOFT SADDLE BAGS that I will sell, bought years ago as spare.

Still in Plastic wrap.

PayPal: [email protected]

$125.00 EACH will include two "D" rings with each bag.

Total for SET $250.00 includes shipping.

PM or email me at: [email protected]


1. MY Soft Saddle Bags. Only 10yrs old.
2. Just SNAP in or SNAP out!
3. I reinforced mine with aluminum bar/pop rivets.
4. Works really well, bag will collapse without upper support.
5. My SET of Soft Bags.


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I have a pair of soft saddle bags for sale, never used still in plastic.

Includes instructions, strap and attachments for D rings.

Do not have D rings although I believe they are available. If you have a crossbar and net those use the same D rings.

$200 for the pair plus whatever shipping from 34743 would cost.

If you live near Kissimmee could meet up and save shipping?

I accept PayPal.

Tried posting from my phone with pictures but for some reason would not?
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