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What a sleepless night i had yesterday.
I wasn`t expecting delivery until Mon.
or Tues. of this coming week.

So i get a call yesterday saying that
he`ll be in my area today Sat.
Picked her up off the carrier at 6AM.

All i can say is WOW!


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how exciting!

I know what it is like to know you will have to wait a day or two more and then to get it early....... WOW. I hope you just stopped driving it long enough to let us know you got it. Happy Cruisin':cheers :grouphug

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Just picked up mine last night, took it to my corvette meeting, WOW never saw so many guys drool at once, needed my boots.
At least three of them are now looking for an SSR. Only 4 sold to date Southwest WA, mine included but just as I was getting out a yellow one stopped by to say hi, that's never happened in the Vette. Corvette owners almost always wave at each other as they pass maybe we should "Start the Wave" only won't get to do it often especially if they stay as limited as they are.
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