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Hopefully, my copy/past shows up and some of you will get a real kick out of what happened here.

Otherwise, I'll come back and explain.

Interesting feedback on one of my bike forums. One of the threads that has been running for yrs now is one called..........What is in your garage next to your Harley???

Hundreds of posts have shown all kinds of sports cars, customs, etc that guys have posted. Given I just got my SSR, I added it to he posting and below you will see a very funny but kinda sad reply from a guy whos wife misunderstood what he really wanted.

Not sure I coud have handled it like he did.................



Quote from: moscooter on Yesterday at 07:33:23 AM

Sold my '39 Chevy streetrod after 40 years of ownership. Had to replace it with another "toy", picked up this one in Las Vegas, and spent 5 days driving in back home to No. Carolina.

A short story about the SSR, if I may:
It was 2006 and I wanted one bad! My wife, being the wonderful woman she is, thought she would surprise me for my birthday. Well, she went to the dealership and explained to the salesman about this great new car I wanted and all she could remember was it was " something, something R". The salesman knew right away what New car she was talking about. As luck would have it, they had a Black one in stock. She bought it and hid it in the neighbors garage until the day of the big reveal. To this day she talks about the "look on my face" when I saw it. And to this day I have Never told her that it was the wrong thing or how much I Hated driving that stupid HHR. I had to keep it to myself. She would have been crushed if I told her. She thought she was doing the best thing in the world and it was a huge mistake

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SS is important

The HHR SS is a whole different animal to drive and a lot of fun. I call them my summer R and my winter R!
I have a HHR SS (guess what color) and you are right. It is fun to drive and has more giddy-up than you would think (260-to-290HP) I bought it for a fun summer ride seven years and 1oo,ooo miles ago and still have no intentions to sell it. In short , as is usually the case , the SS part is really important! :thumbs:blur:
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