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Hello SSR Fanatics,

My friend Armin broke the plastic part of the shifter cable by pulling out the gear-box lever.
Getting a good replacement of the OEM is a hard task, so he had to help himself instead:
-He sawed off the metal rod at the end of the broken plastic and tapped a thread to the newly cut end (Unvisible underneath (1)).
-He extended the metal rod with a long hexagonal nut (1) and screwed in another metal rod with a thread (2). The second nut is for locking the longer nut (3). He also added loctide.
-After that, he replaced the plastic/rubber joint with a metal ball-joint (4), which he screwed to the end of the metal rod (2).
It works great and it seems to be a lot sturdier than before.
Good thing, that this happened at the end of our season! :)

I hope this is a helpful description to solve the breakage of the plastic shift cable! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)

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Looks like a good intermediate repair but with this setup it would be hard to adjust properly. At least it looks that way. If he wants to replace the cable with oem I have one but maybe he has it adjusted right and does not need it. Thanks for the tip though..... would help someone in need.
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